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The Butcher September 2014
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News Update
Our news update on movers and shakers in
the meat and deli industries.

Industry focus - Advancements in
processing technologies: conveyor belts

One of the meat and poultry processing
technologies that have received the most
attention over the past decade is conveyor
belts. As they can affect product safety,
yield and downtime, choosing the right
one for a specific processing system
is imperative

Carcass chilling - The impact of
carcass chilling on meat quality

The refrigeration of carcasses plays a
significant role on the yield, texture and
taste of meat and poultry. The Butcher
explores the pros and cons of cold room
batch chilling versus blast or ultra-rapid
chilling used for meat, and the air-chilling
method as opposed to immersion
chilling used for poultry

Deli counter –How to draw
up a deli business plan

There is much more to a deli than
providing good sausages. The Butcher
assists prospective deli owners in
drawing up a sound business plan,
as well as helping existing owners to
assess areas with room for
improvement

Meat of the month - How butchers can
broaden the appeal of minced meat

Mince is one of the most versatile types
of meat present in just about every
popular cuisine around the world.
Consumers are always looking for
something new so, in addition to
beef, pork and mutton mince, butchers
need to start marketing chicken,
ostrich and game mince in earnest

Company profile - Bizerba establishes
a subsidiary in South Africa

Successful companies combat ever
tougher competition by an even more
consistent focus on the customer. Their
response to new lifestyle topics and
greater demand for customer advisory
is to tailor their service range precisely
to the target group and support it with salespromotion functions, visual
merchandising and other multi-media
applications directly at the point
of sale

Business operations –POS – more
than just a means to an end

Point of sale (POS) systems computerise
inventory and customer data to ensure
more effective business management
and increased profits. The Butcher
explains how invaluable POS software
is to retailer success

HACCP/hygiene - Cleaning and
sanitation: soil versus surface

The objects in meat processing plants
that require intensive cleaning and
sanitation are obvious. But the crux
is successfully removing the types of
soil that adhere to surface materials
and simultaneously protecting these
surfaces from staining, abrasion
and corrosion

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