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The Butcher May 2014
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News Update

Our news update on movers and shakers in the
meat and deli industries.

Industry Focus - The business of regulating meat imports and exports

The Butcher looks at the types of meat that are imported and
the reasons for it, and the regulations to which importers and
exporters must adhere.

Deli Counter - Processed pork: focusing on ham


Special Feature - Safe handling and processing of pigs and pork
The Butcher takes a brief look at carcass processing
methods and equipment for the layman.

Meat of the month - For the love of pork

Pork is one of the most commonly eaten meats worldwide, loved
for its cured and fresh versatility. The Butcher looks at the
organisations making local pork’s popularity possible, and
explore the meat’s benefits and usages.

Business operations - Tools of the trade

The butcher’s tools include cutting implements, meat processing
equipment, sundries such as hooks and thermometers, and
weighing and packaging apparatus. Equally important are
the work surfaces on which meat is processed. The Butcher
provides a checklist of essentials.

New developments in refrigeration

Cooling and freezing options in the meat processing industry
range from large-scale solutions like cold storage facilities to
small-scale projects that ensure produce in a shop remains fresh.
The Butcher
takes a look at two recent installations in
South Africa to highlight the latest trends.

Special feature - Meet the meat guardians:
Antimicrobials and antioxidants

The function of antimicrobials is to provide food safety and that of antioxidants to keep food fresher for longer. The Butcher examines
the use of these essential ingredients in deli meats and fresh,
cooked and cured sausages.

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