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The Butcher June 2014
Now live!


News Update

Our news update on movers and shakers in the
meat and deli industries.

Industry Focus - Sustainable practice from beginning to end
The term “going green” refers to environmentally friendly practices
in production as well as packaging and distribution. Meat producers
and farmers are focused on preserving eco-systems while
packaging companies are more closely concerned with reducing
the environmental impact of waste. In this feature, The Butcher
presents considerations across the supply chain.

Deli Counter - On the menu: comfort food

The chilly season is here. Some people find it depressing; others
love it, but if there is one thing everybody is looking forward
to, it is warm, hearty dishes. The Butcher looks at what
should be on offer at the hot food counter. Read more...

Meat of the month - Cheap chicken imports
hold local industry to ransom

The Butcher talks to South Africa’s poultry industry
experts to get the latest on chicken imports, tariff duties and
the effect of cheap imports on local producers.

Poultry processing - Poultry processing for improved carcass quality

Correct stunning, killing and bleeding procedures determine scalding
and picking efficiency, and most importantly, meat quality and yield.
The Butcher
looks at proper processing techniques and the new
equipment that make them easier to achieve.

Poultry processing producers - Poultry processing
producers spread their wings

Cheap poultry imports and rising production costs are forcing
local producers to diversify – either by supplying poultry
products nationwide, exporting to booming African
markets, or by supplying niche markets. Read more..

Food trends - Natural products and
ingredients lead top 2014 food trends

Highly regarded UK research company New Nutrition Business
conducts an annual analysis of the key trends in the food,
nutrition and health fields. We take a peek into
their findings for 2014.

Equipment - These slicers cut product, not profit

Meat slicers are designed to produce uniform slices from
fresh, cooked or tempered red meat, poultry and seafood.
Here is what’s available on the market.

Training - Training as a butcher

Butchers are knowledgeable on the cutting of carcasses into
smaller cuts, the trimming of meat cuts and the manufacture
of meat products, and have a comprehensive understanding
of the packaging and preservation of meat under hygienic
conditions. The Butcher got in touch with butcher training
organisations to discuss their courses.


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