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The Butcher
April 2015
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Industry focus - Meat harvesting:
Turning hogs into hot dogs

This article is the second in a trilogy
about meat harvesting. The first part
discussed the state of the technology.
This part describes the process itself
with a focus on process optimisation,
chain integration, and an optimal
balance between raw material, process,
and final product

Deli counter - Modern take-away
packaging trends embrace a personal touch
In an effort to better relate to, and attract
customers, fast food concerns are making
use of packaging that can be stacked or
folded away, is biodegradable, and
embrace simple yet practical concepts
such as transparent materials. The
sources the latest
design trends

Processing “Lesser” beef
cuts add value to a carcass
A recent survey by the National
Restaurant Association in the United
States uncovered that locally sourced
products scored the highest marks
on consumers’ meat expectation lists,
but they were also calling for
new cuts of meat Read more

Product profile - Crown National
leads with brand new meat block app

Coatings - Coating innovations
give more for less
With consumers looking for more
natural, fresher, original products that
have a homemade look, and food
processors looking for quality and
consistency that go hand in hand
with operating speed and reduced
operating costs, versatility of coating
equipment is an absolute necessity

Business operations - Refrigeration
energy efficiency makes sense
Abattoirs and meat processing facilities
consume significant amounts of energy,
with refrigeration and freezing playing a
big role. Not only does energy efficiency
get the stamp of approval from business
partners, government and the consumer,
but it also translates to production
efficiency

HACCP/hygiene – Hand and
boot wash stations – location is everything
Sanitation stations need to be conveniently
and strategically placed to facilitate ease
of use as well as make usage compulsory. Furthermore, for these stations to be
effective, they need to be equipped with appropriate fixtures and accessories, and be accessed in a specific manner Read more...

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