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The Butcher July 2014
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News Update
Our news update on movers and shakers in
the meat and deli industries.

Industry focus - “Particle definition” – the
buzz-words in modern portioning
and forming technology

The meat, poultry, fish and seafood sectors
rely on portioning and forming equipment to manufacture an array of shaped products
in uniform sizes and forms, and accurate
portions and weights. But this seemingly straightforward technology has evolved to
suit present-day demands. The Butcher
investigates

Deli counter - Make your
mark with local gourmet food

A delicatessen’s artisan food department
is the one section in the store where owners
can imprint their exclusivity

Meat of the month - Lamb and mutton
How does the butcher promote the meat
type most heavily restricted by price?
The Butcher speaks to Lamb and
Mutton South Africa to find out
how they do it

Meat of the month - Karoo lamb
“Karoo Meat of Origin” – the intricacies
behind the straightforward stamp

Not all Karoo sheep are certified
“Karoo Meat of Origin”. Regardless
of breed, certified Karoo meat must
comply with stringent codes of practices
to receive the “Certified Karoo Meat
of Origin” certification mark

Processed meat - Processed meat
solutions – keeping it together with
emulsifiers and stabilisers

We find out from suppliers of emulsifiers
and stabilisers how these assist processed
meat manufacturers

Company profile - Lake Foods
Living meat innovation

Lake Foods is the exclusive representative
for a select number of leading international manufacturers and suppliers of specialty ingredients, offering products and services
into the meat industry

Biltong and dry wors
quality ingredients set the pace

In our annual celebration of biltong and
dry wors we examine meat selection,
seasonings and condiments, and the
importance of selection and care of
equipment to ensure product
quality and integrity

Carcass processing - Managing the
carcass processing procedure from
intake to product dispatch

Meat and poultry plants count on
integrated manufacturing solutions to
get the job done quickly and efficiently,
while maximising output and profit,
minimising operating and labour
costs, and guaranteeing regulatory
compliance

Special feature - Weighing up the
options – what to look for
when buying a scale

Often, we are somewhat blasé about
our factory or store equipment. They
are there to perform a task and we
never think twice about whether or
not they are the right tool for the job.
This applies particularly to scales
as using the correct device could
mean the difference between a
handsome profit margin and
unexplained losses

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