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The Butcher
August 2015
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Specialised ingredients – The effects of
antimicrobials in ensuring safe meat and poultry

Antimicrobials are commonly used to
control natural spoilage processes in meat
and to prevent or control the growth of micro-organisms. Since antimicrobials have an
impact on a product’s sensory attributes,
it is important for meat processors to
understand their effects

Deli counter – Expand your pastry
offerings for increased sales
Ready-made pastries will satisfy the
hungry on-the-run crowd, but homemade
varieties are sure to make patrons pop
in more often

Meat of the month – Ground meat – the
star ingredient in consumer favourites

We take a look at the utilisation of spices
and meat extenders in the making of beef,
mutton, pork, chicken, ostrich and
game mince products Read more

Processing –Ground meat safety relies on
proper ingredient and equipment handling

Nothing is more crucial to the quality and
safety of ground meat products than the
quality and handling of the raw materials
used in its manufacture, the condition of
the equipment used in its processing, and
the materials used in its packaging.
The Butcher investigates

Business operations –Butchery
equipment: who stocks what?
We speak to butchery equipment
suppliers to find out what they
have in store

HACCP/hygiene – Cleaning and maintenance
of HVAC and refrigeration systems

HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air-
conditioning) and refrigeration systems
need regular cleaning and maintenance to
ensure they continue to perform efficiently
and reliably, and also to protect people
from harmful airborne pathogens and
products from spoilage Read more

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