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The Butcher August 2014
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News Update
Our news update on movers and shakers in
the meat and deli industries.

Industry focus - Humane livestock
rearing and slaughter – How global
consciousness influences purchases

In response to a large proportion of meat
eaters’ demands that livestock for consumption must be humanely reared, handled, transported
and slaughtered, animal welfare continues
to be a budding global priority

Business operations - Meat
retail display seen in a new light

While lighting is designed to show meat
displays in the most appealing way, it causes product discolouration and decay. However,
lamps emitting lower levels of heat and
ultraviolet radiation, or LEDs, which emit
low light and no UV radiation, reduce the
rate of meat decomposition. The Butcher investigates

Deli counter – Meaty baked goods –
quick snacks; quick sellers

For people on the go, samoosas, pies,
tacos and burritos hit the hunger spot
every time. The Butcher uncovers irresistible
meat fillings that are popular overseas for
making these from scratch as well as
ready-made local variations

Deli counter - Tempting with terrines
Aspic – the glistening encasement for
meat, fish and vegetables that melts in
the mouth – has to a large degree
become unpopular, but this is set
to change because of a renewed
interest in nose-to-tail cooking and
age-old comfort foods

Synthetic meat - Synthetic meat: flash
in a pan or modern meat for man?

It is no longer a question of can it be made,
but rather how it can be made affordably.
But is synthetic meat the answer to
addressing the environmental impact of
meat production or a Franken-burger
nightmare come true?

Meat of the month - Feeding the nation
in a socially responsible manner

Feedlots play an instrumental role in
supplying consumers with inexpensive
beef of consistent quality all year round.
But their contribution to environmental
and community upliftment is
often overlooked.

National Braai Day
All things beef – what butchers
and beef suppliers need to know

It’s almost that time of the year again
when braai grids are scrubbed and
potjies are dusted off, and steaks,
spare ribs, kebabs, and oxtail or stewing
beef recipes tested in preparation for
National Braai Day on 24 September.
Butchers and beef dealers supplying
grass-fed beef will find this
article insightful

HACCP/hygiene - The ins and
outs of microbiological testing

The role of meat inspectors, testing
laboratories and food auditors in
upholding meat safety compliance is
indispensable. But what exactly do
they look for? The Butcher
finds out

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