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The Butcher October 2014
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News Update
Our news update on movers and shakers in
the meat and deli industries.

Industry focus - How safe
are meat tenderising methods?

The mechanical and enzymatic tenderisation
of meat and poultry products and the
manipulation of carcasses prior to rigor
mortis are well-known and widely used
to improve meat tenderness. But just
how safe and effective is each
tenderising process and can it be over
or under-utilised?

Deli counter - Classic salads get dressed up
The new approach to salads – from side
dish to main meal, and their use for a
different type of consumption such as a
wrap ingredient – opens up exciting possibilities
for deli operators. And as foodservice operations continue to develop new flavour profiles and ingredient combinations, salads are bound
to continue to evolve

Business operations - Understanding the boundaries of least cost formulation
Least cost formulation (LCF) can be used
to keep production costs as low as possible,
while still providing customers with a
desirable meat product. However, LCF
requires knowledge of the limiting
factors of the raw materials used in
recipe formulation

Company profile - Spinnaker Software
Ensure the success of your store

Spinnaker Software develops and markets
Arch Retail Systems, one of the leading
integrated retail management solutions in
southern Africa. We have experienced
exponential growth with customers
using the software, and currently
service over 950 stores.

Special feature - The use of antimicrobials
as an intervention method during
carcass washing

Chlorine and chlorine dioxide washes
are commonly used to decontaminate
poultry carcasses, while an organic acid
rinse is a useful technique for the
decontamination of beef carcasses.
The Butcher investigates how and
why these methods work

Meat of the month -
Growth in popularity of goat meat

Goat has a history that can be traced
back as far back as that of man himself.
In fact, even the French word for the
butcher’s shop – ‘boucherie’ – is derived
from the word ‘bouc’, referring to the
male goat. Hennie Fisher takes a look
at the rise in popularity of goat
meat in South Africa

Fish and shellfish - The fine line
between availability and sustainability

With a 3 000 km-long coastline embracing
two oceans, our waters provide an abundant
and diverse supply of fish and shellfish for
the pot and grill. But availability and s
ustainability are two vastly different
concepts, and fishmongers should always
consider this truth first and foremost when supplying the market Read more...

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